5 Movies That Made A Difference In Sudeep’s Career


this is a second movie of Kiccha Sudeep as a hero but this is the film which gave Kiccha the much needed commercial break in his career. Not to forget Sudeep was called as Kiccha Sudeep with this Movie. Apart from commercial success, he won a number of award for Sudeep Mind-Blowing Perormence.

Sudeep Best Top 5 Movies

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The first film as a Director, For Kichcha Sudeep. This was made at a time when Sudeep’s Movie were not performing the way, He wanted them to Kiccha silenced all his detractors with this Movie’s Success.

Sudeep Best Top 5 Movies


This film is the movie which made the box office pundit consider Kiccha’s Film’s, Seriusly. The Movie did extremely good business t box office and the movie kick-started commercial Movie’s Journey for Sudeep who followed this up with entertainers like Vishnuvardhana, Bacchan,Maanikya & Ranna.

5 Movies That Made A Difference In Sudeep's Career


Kiccha was one of the best actors in Kannada Movie Industry by the time this was made. Although this was a Telugu films, It helped Sudeep to reach the audieence worldwide.Bigwise of Indian Cinema Industry appreciated performence & this movie got him a number of awards.

5 Movies That Made A Difference In Sudeep's Career

Kotigobba 2

The Movie reiterated the fact that, Kiccha is one of the very few heroes at present, And who has a strong command at the box office. One more reason, why this movie is very important for Sudeep is that, This success came at a time when his critics were very sure that Sudeep can not deliver a sucess with a Swamake Movie.

5 Movies That Made A Difference In Sudeep's Career

Apart from the above five movies, There are other fantastic movies like Swathi Muthu, Ranga SSLC, Veer Madakari, Ranna, which helped Sudeep in many other ways. But we feel the film listed above, Were very important for Sudeep.

we wish sudeep much more Happiness and helth Also we hope Sudeep Continue to entertain the his Fans through the world, For maany more decades.

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