Ranbir Kapoor Jagga Jasoos Release Date Announced

Jugga Jasoos Trailer

Jagga Jasoos film Trailer Anurag and Ranbir’s combination gives us a world of every kid’s wild imagination.

Jagga Jasoos film Trailer is now out ant this film reintroduces us to the kid inside all of us. Remember how we used to imagine our lovely lives to be as exciting a Disney Movie, well the dream is certainly coming true for Jagga Ranbir who introduces to us a Crazy whimsical world with meerkeats seems to be such a throwbacks to the Lion King’s Timon, Pumba. His kingdom also has tiger,elephants and Ostriches, which the actors use as the mode of transport during the scene.

The trailer dose not fail to Surprise us within its 2.44 minute length the trailer starts with actor Ranbir Kapoor beat-boxing with innumerable expression at same time.Slowly we are introduced to the life of Ranbir Character, which makes us believe that Ranbir is different.

In next few scenes we meet our beauty princess the actress Katrina Kaif she is a damsel in distress. Like Humpty Dumpty Kat falls multiple times but as she does that, we sense Ranbir Kapoor falling for Kat too.

Seems like the duo of film’s Director Anurag and Actor Ranbir are yet again all set to take us on a roller coaster ride of emotions with their movie Jagga Jasoos. At some points we feel a sort of resemblance with their last hit Barfi film and especially the one where hero Ranbir is trying to fix kat’s shoes.

By going with Jagga Jasoos Trailer, People can assure that this ride is going to make us laugh and give goosebumps, make us cry and give us a thrill.and Saurabh Shukla add laughter to the Journey of the film Jagga Jasoos.

this could be certainly the hit they were expecting out of Ranbir after Barfi.Interstingly this movie is also important for Katrina Kaif, she has given back-to-back flops films in the last two year.The film finally on the route to theatres near us. The film will release on 17 April 2017.

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