Hebbuli Movie To Be Release In 500 Screens

Hebbuli Movie Release 500 Screens

Hebbuli Movie To Be Release In 500 Screens

Hebbuli, starring Kiccha Sudeep and directed by  S.Krishna, is expected to released in over 500 screens across the country, the highest number of screens for the Kannada Movie. Jack Manjunath, who is releasing the movie in Bengaluru, said all distributors have decided to release the movie in maximum screens.

“The number of screens releasing will be over 350 and it will not be surprising if it touches to 400 screens in Karnataka,” he said. This will be two-thirds of the screens in the state. The film is also being simultaneously released in other states of India and is expected to release over 100 screens in other states.

Hebbuli is scheduled to release on February 23, forcing other filmmakers to release their films before. While in  January only a total of 10 Kannada films were released, February is turning out to be a windfall. Six films are being released on February 3 and another six films are lined up for release in the second week. The coming week will see the released films like Melkote Manja (directed by Jaggesh), Gurunandan’s Smile Please and Amaravathi directed by BM Giriraj. There are also small films by newcomers such as Yenendu Hesaridali.

Hebbuli is one of the big budgets for a Kannada film and is a joint venture between S.R.V Productions and Umapathy Films.

S.V Raghunath, one of the producers said, “The number of screens will easily cross 100 outside Karnataka. In the rest of India, the main centre is on Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai.It will be released simultaneously in several foreign countries.

“This high number of screens is because of demand by the theatres. In a few countries, the film will release 2-4 days after its releases here.”

Hope it will be the all time “Blockbuster of Sandalwood” history.

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