Hebbuli 3D Android Game Coming Soon On Google Play Store

Hebbuli 3D Android Game Coming Soon Google Play Store
Sandalwood film Industry is not strange to fans going overboard to celebrate their Star’s upcoming release, But with Sudeep’s next release, Sudeep’s technology savvy fans has up the ante for the rest of the star fandom in the film industry.

While the fans are following the regular drill of showing up with huge gralands and performing milk abhishekas on Star’s cutout banners, a group of Kiccha’s fans will soon be coming out with a game.

The team Hebbuli is in the process of making a 3D game of the star’s upcoming Movie Hebbuli. Vishal graphic artist, Santhosh DV, who is part of a startup company along with his 13-member team has come up with a game titled Hebbuli which they plan to launch just before the movie release.

As a fan of Sudeep, Santosh wanted to do something special for his movie and so Santosh along with my friends decide to create this adventure with caricatures of Sudeep.
The team hebbuli has invested 25 lakh on the game. They are not considering the money invested. they have put in their best effort to bring out this adventure game.

The Game will be available on Google play store for two months following its upload. Mean while Hebbuli directed by S Krishna is left with just day of patch work and will be out with the first copy soon.The film under SRV Production is association with Umapathy Picture is Greeting for a Shivaratri Release and Which is likely on 23 February.

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